Prayut wants antics of motorshow 'pretties' regulated .

This show by bikini-clad Ladapha "Sherry Samkhok" Rachata-amornchot and partner Aphisit Sae-ueng proved too hot for the prime minister. (YouTube video grab via คลิบเด็ด โซเชียล [Superb Clips])

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha wants the Culture Ministry and the police to impose a limit on provocative shows by "pretties" at motor shows.

The prime minister reacted Tuesday to a social media outcry over a video clip featuring a lewd performance by a male and female model at the Bangkok International Motor Show, that began last Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

If necessary, the law may be amended to allow stricter controls on scantily clad models and provocative performances at auto shows, said Gen Prayut.

"This is a matter of individual conscience and one should never claim she has to do such an immorally wrong act for money," said Gen Prayut.

Gen Prayut's comment came after the Nonthaburi district court fined Ladapha Rachata-amornchot, better known as Sherry Samkhok, and Aphisit Sae-ueng, the performers in the clip, 1,500 baht each for their performance at the motor show fair.

Pranaya Pliankim, organiser of the performance, and Kritathach Piyawuthiphoch, the sound controller at the show, were also ordered to pay the fine for their involvement in the incident.

In the video clip which circulated on social media, Ms Ladapha was wearing a bikini when she performed a lewd dance with Mr Aphisit.

The pair appear to be mimicking a sex act with the male model taking off his shirt and the female moaning at him.

They were hired to perform for a car stereo company at the fair.

After hearing the ruling on Monday, Ms Ladapha said she did not regret being captured on video performing at the event but she apologised if society viewed what she had done as being inappropriate.

Culture Minister Vira Rojpojchanarat said the ministry has received complaints in the past about motor shows featuring scantily dressed models and provocative performances.

Following the latest incident, the ministry's culture watch team wrote to Grand Prix International Plc, organiser of the motor show, asking it to tone down sexy outfits of models hired to perform there, Mr Vira said.

Lagi Yang Viral

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